Hiking L.A.

Blogged: May 9, 2007

Dante's View, R.I.P.

Griffith Park is burning. One of the early casualties was the popular hiking destination called "Dante's View." It is no more. Guess I won't be hiking that trail any time soon.

Here are some pics BF and I took tonight from the L.A. River. More can be found in my full flickr set.

A smouldering hillside:
Smouldering Hillside

Wide shot of the whole hillside:
Griffith Park Fire & L.A. River

Fire appearing to pour down the hillside:
Fire Pouring Down Hillside

Scorched earth:

A "fire tornado":
Big "Fire Tornado"

More hills on fire:
Entire Hill on Fire

Tree silhouetted by fire:
Tree Silhouetted by Fire

I'm really curious what all this will look like in the morning. It'll be a long time before Griffith Park returns to its former glory, that's for sure.