Hiking L.A.

Blogged: November 23, 2007

Hiking L.A., Most Literally

Hiking L.A. has been in summer hibernation mode, apparently. When I logged in to blogger to add this post, I was shocked to see that I haven't added a hike since June. June? Surely I've hiked since then (I have), so what's the deal?

Well, first check out my post about walking the entire length of Pico Boulevard on the Pico and the Man blog. I believe that counts as "hiking L.A." in the most literal sense possible. And you won't see this in the San Gabriels:

Mannequins have butts, too

There are a few other reasons I haven't been posting or hiking as much as I used to. First: I was busy finishing my book (which, despite Amazon.com's listings, will be authored by me, not "Chronicle Books LLC Staff" or whatever). Second: my usual hiking partner "BF" is no longer my BF, so I haven't been hiking as much. That's right, boys, I'm single now. I'll be accepting applications until further notice.

Take care, and I hope to have some new hikes (that don't involve 15.6 miles of concrete) posted soon!